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A maintenance free life is just a dream

A maintenance free life is just a dream
A maintenance free life is just a dream

For anyone who has owned a home, they know just how difficult maintenance can be. From handymen to plumbers to construction to any number of other things, it seems you've always got someone coming or going to fix one thing or another that has either broken or, over time, simply fallen into disrepair.

But for those who are involved in areas such as asset maintenance, they know that it truly is a full time job. The dream of homeowners, increasingly, is a home that requires no maintenance at all – but for those who are involved in this line of work, they know it is just that, a dream, no matter whether one is talking about a home, equipment maintenance, or anything else.

No maintenance? No problem?
The dream has arisen from many different homeowners, especially older ones, according to the Northwest Indiana Times. Baby boomers who have owned homes for a long time are now finding that, without any children living in the space anymore, they don't need such big homes – and aren't interested in keeping up with the building maintenance management, as Ron McFarland, a local homebuilder, noted.

"Many buyers say their existing home is older and just too large, resulting in way too much up keep and maintenance," McFarland told the source. "In some cases, an existing home's master bedroom is located upstairs, and the utility room is on a lower level requiring the navigation of up to two sets of stairs when doing laundry. In other cases the hallways, doorways, bathrooms and eating areas are just too narrow and tight, especially when compared with what buyers can find with new construction today."

The dream now is maintenance free homes, but anyone involved in an area such as municipal maintenance knows this isn't an easy idea. While newer homes may fall apart at a slower rate, maintenance is a way of life, not just in larger or older homes. It's one reason life can be tough for those in charge of municipal maintenance department, but the latest options in technology such as computerized maintenance management software can have a huge effect in making tasks easier and boosting efficiency through the roof.

The problems keep coming
Of course, it's certainly understandable from a homeowners perspective. With April arriving shortly and spring now here, many are interested in doing some "spring cleaning" and getting their homes in order again after a harsh winter. Often, this proves to be one of the most difficult things to do – you find that it's not a matter of simply airing out your home but much more than that, as you discover any number of problems that need to be given attention and fixed.

With summer approaching, too, you'll likely want to get done fast, as Steve Howland, owner of Buyer's Choice Home Inspections based in Colorado, noted to The Fiscal Times.

"You'll want to make sure the entire house is still weather-proofed and take care of any issues that you find now," says Howland. "You want to be ready for summer, and there's another winter right around the corner after that."

It's a long list of tasks, though, so it's clear why the dream remains a maintenance free home. That will come no sooner than a life for managers without equipment maintenance or similar issues. The fact of the matter is that it's a fact of life to keep up with maintenance, so make sure you have all the tools such as asset maintenance software that can make this easier.

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