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University of Houston to improve recreation facilities maintenance

University of Houston to improve recreation facilities maintenance
University of Houston to improve recreation facilities maintenance

The University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has been the focus of a number of renovations, which has given the facility innovative design, construction and functionality qualities.

But in order to keep the facility as efficient and functional as it is today, the school is planning to pump funds into it to ensure regular wear and tear and other common problems don't affect the building and its assets, the Daily Cougar reports.

Director of Campus Recreations Kim Clark said that the rec center is one of the most highly used facilities on campus, and is open seven days a week. Keeping the building clean and well-maintained with these conditions has shown to be more challenging for the school than it originally thought.

"Due to the [Rec Center]'s operational hours and high volume of activities, housekeeping staff is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we are working closely with Facilities Management to address deferred maintenance issues and to proceed with the implementation of our capital plan for larger maintenance projects," Clark said.

Complaints have been made regarding the facility's broken lockers, which extend from the fitness zone to other high-use areas such as the three-court gym. Clark said the school is taking the complaints seriously, and is currently developing a way to assess the broken lockers, the media outlet stated.

"We spend about $1 million per year on housekeeping and basic routine maintenance and repairs. The amount spent each year on this plan varies, but this year an excess of $1.5 million has been approved," Clark said.

The additional funds will be used to make repairs to the fitness zone and lounge areas, fix the lockers, screen and recoat the facility's hardwood floors, replaster the pool and improve an outdoor athletic field.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) Safety and Health Regulations for Construction were developed to ensure that maintenance projects, such as the University of Houston's, are performed in a standardized manner to keep the risk of worker injury to a minimum. 

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