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Baylor University wins award for ‘exceptional grounds maintenance’

Baylor University wins award for 'exceptional grounds maintenance'
Baylor University wins award for 'exceptional grounds maintenance'

Baylor University in the central Texas town of Waco recently made national headlines when it received recognition from the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) for its exceptional ground service.

According to a school release, Baylor's campus maintenance ranked among the best for all universities and colleges in the Society's 2012 Green Star Awards competition. The recognition was given to the school during the Society's 2012 Awards Dinner, which Baylor attended in October, and was sponsored by the School of Grounds Management & GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky.

The award is only given to those institutions that demonstrate maintenance performed at the utmost level, and to honor any university that takes campus maintenance, grounds programs, landscaping and design and construction to a new level.

"Baylor University is very proud of our grounds maintenance team for the diligence required to obtain this recognition," said Don Bagby, director of facilities management at Baylor. "The PGMS award distinguishes Baylor as one of the best-looking campuses in the nation, due in large part to the excellent leadership of our grounds managers Andy Trimble and Brandon Martin."

The school, which has a student population of about 15,000 and is spread out over 800 acres, has regular maintenance programs in place to take care of assets across 350 acres. Baylor employs 26 staff members to keep up with all maintenance operations and to ensure all assets are working properly and serving their functions well. Facilities management personnel oversee two major thematic changes across the campus per year, and also are in charge of installing all Homecoming decorations like the traditional chrysanthemums.

The Society made special note of the school's Sadie Jo Black Gardens. This area of campus was created in 2005 through the  Sadie Jo Black Gardens Endowment Fund, which is used to maintain campus facilities and aesthetics.

PGMS presented a total of Grand Awards, nine Honor Award and five Merit Awards in six categories.

All campus maintenance activities must comply with standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which if violated, can lead to costly asset downtime. 

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