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Indiana University system updates plans for deferred maintenance

Indiana University system updates plans for deferred maintenance
Indiana University system updates plans for deferred maintenance

Indiana has been struggling to get its universities' maintenance costs under control for years, and now, the system is looking at exactly what it will take to up upgrade campus maintenance procedures, Northwest Indiana Times reports. 

According to the news source, the seven campuses that make up Indiana University have deferred maintenance costs of as much as $700 million, but once auxiliary buildings are thrown in the mix, this number rises to as high as $1 billion in backlogs, Tom Morrison, vice president for capital planning at the university, stated. 

About $480 million worth of the work will be performed on the main Bloomington campus, while about $20 million has been set aside to tackle projects at Indiana University Northwest. At this location, seven buildings are currently in need of serious repairs, and many of the structures date back to the 1960s. Morrison said the university is also growing more worried about the state of smaller campuses.

"Many of the campuses were built around the same time with buildings in the late 1960s and 1970s," he said. "Those buildings are coming due for renovation and rehabilitation."

According to the media outlet, an HVAC piping system will need to be replaced in one building, as well as the ceiling and lights that are located on the first floor of the facility. This work will cost about $386,000, and the school says it will pay for this maintenance by drawing from its capital projects fund. 

Morrison stated that the Northwest campus hasn't fallen into such disrepair that it is in jeopardy of violating any codes, but rather, the buildings are highly inefficient and behind the times. For example, he noted, the most urgent projects would be to install new roofs and windows. 

"We have a schedule for the next decade to do some renovation at the Gary campus," he said. "Some of that will depend on funding through the Indiana General Assembly … We also intend to make the buildings more accessible and that could mean adding more entrances, improving the sidewalks, which take a beating during the winter weather…"

Any campus maintenance projects must adhere to standards developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which are grouped as a part of the rules concerning construction. 

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