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Lean practices grab attention of IT, manufacturing companies

Lean practices grab attention of IT, manufacturing companies
Lean practices grab attention of IT, manufacturing companies

Lean manufacturing is continuing to gain steam, and as the benefits unfold and companies report huge savings after implementing lean operations, more firms are starting to adopt the system.

To help companies successfully integrate lean principles into their current methods of operation, many training seminars have been developed to effectively educate employers and workers alike on how to use lean strategies and the improvements in productivity they can expect.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute recently announced it will host a program of 14 lean management workshops in February, 2013, that will discuss how to implement lean business solutions in the manufacturing and service sectors.

The group will hold the workshops in San Francisco, where it will encourage anyone hoping to learn more about lean practices to register. The curriculum is especially designed for line managers and change agents, as well as for continuous improvement professionals. The sessions will also discuss lean IT, standard work and value-stream mapping that can be used in office work, for service providers and in manufacturing settings.

After reviewing everything from the history of lean manufacturing practices to improving value-stream management, the workshop will discuss how to solve the most common problems typically reported in a lean operations, how to manage standard work, and how to optimize flow in office and service processes.

LEI has developed several resources to help businesses implement lean strategies, including weekly newsletters with lean management tips, as well as studies, webinars, interviews with the nation's foremost lean leaders. The organization also has an archive of essays on hand written by the nation's most prominent lean thought leaders.

Lean processes have quickly spread around the country, but some businesses are still hazy about what exactly lean is. The system refers to a business-wide overhaul of product development, operations, suppliers and customer relations.

The system was pioneered by Toyota after World War II, and during the late 1980s, the term "lean" was coined by James Womack, an expert at MIT's International Motor Vehicle Program. 

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