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End of year sees awards in maintenance as well

End of year sees awards in maintenance as well
End of year sees awards in maintenance as well

With 2013 winding to a close, many outlets in all subjects and sectors are handing out awards honoring the best of the past year. When it comes to maintenance management, it's no different – many around the country are being honored for the good work they've done in the past year.

Training award for trucking company
When it comes to trucks, for instance, there is no more important task than equipment maintenance, and Penske, as a leasing company, certainly has its work cut out for it. Everyone knows to exercise skepticism when buying a used car in case its a rental – so when a leasing company has to keep its cars operating in top shape at all times, it can be quite a task. And in confronting that, it's important to offer the best possible training to mechanics.

That's one reason why Penske's latest accomplishment is impressive. The company has received the 2013 National Excellence in Training Award by the Automotive Training Managers Council. The company's specific program – one which focuses on preventative maintenance for the larger sets of trucks it offers – employs thousands of maintenance technicians across the country. Between them and the customer service workers, there are 5,500 men and women employed in the program. For Bill Jacobelli, senior vice president of maintenance for Penske Truck Leasing, it's an honor that only serves to confirm the importance of training in achieving strong asset maintenance management.

"This new comprehensive curriculum helps drive our vision of an industry-leading maintenance workforce, and we thank ATMC for recognizing our successful efforts," said Jacobelli. "When we're able to complete high-quality PMs consistently, we are better able to support our truck leasing, truck rental and contract maintenance customers and increase vehicle uptime."

Local technicians honored in ceremony
In Forney, Texas, the town recently honored employees who had maintained the highest standards of technical maintenance over the past year, according to In Forney. In addition, those who had now achieved either a decade or a half-decade of service.

One maintenance worker for Forney Public Works, Keith Hubbard, was chosen as employee of the year. Hubbard was cited for not only his commitment and teamwork, but his extensive reliability and problem solving skills, as well, according to Mayor Darren Rozell. Hubbard has only worked for the city for two years, now but has made his importance clear.

Patrick Nyagaka, a building maintenance worker for facility maintenance management crew, was cited with a special award, called the "Making the Difference" award. Nyagaka has been with the town for two years, and at this point maintains almost all of the city's facilities, but was noted especially for his friendly and affable manner in doing so. Mayor Rozell noted that he was among the most efficient of the workers the town had on staff – but that, in addition to his skill and effectiveness, he was oft admired for his manner.

It's an important thing to mention – people not only notice when maintenance projects build up and the deferred maintenance becomes the central issue, but also when the work is done and done in a friendly, helpful manner. If your want your company to ensure that it is atop whatever projects currently sit on its list, it's often best to utilize the latest in technological solutions. Computerized maintenance management software can facilitate the issue for you, making sure you never fall behind due to lapses in memory or records. Instead, it will help you to prioritize so that your customers – whether students, citizens, or plant workers – will never face unexpected setbacks due to unwelcome maintenance issues.

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