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Ohio town council agrees to replace aging fleet of municipal trucks

Ohio town council agrees to replace aging fleet of municipal trucks
Ohio town council agrees to replace aging fleet of municipal trucks

One town in Ohio has found that if it pays for a new feet of various trucks, it will incur higher costs up front, but by choosing the right vehicles and implementing the proper fleet maintenance program, the town will ultimately save in the long run. 

According to the Xenia Gazette, the Xenia City Council recently approved a measure to replace three trucks currently in use in the city's fleet. The decision was made at a City Council meeting that took place in mid March. The city is replacing two one-ton dump trucks as well as one service truck, which City Engineer Chris Berger says have serious problems that justify buying the new vehicles, rather than repairing the old ones. 

The dump trucks would be used by two of any of the various maintenance departments the town has created. Berger added that previously, these groups have used the dump trucks to carry heavy pipe or stone from one project area to another, haul heavy equipment and machinery and also use them to layer the streets with salt in the winter and plow during any snowstorms. 

The first vehicle that Berger says will need to be replaced is a 2001 Chevrolet. Currently, the dump track has a log of 58,817 miles and reports show that over the years, the truck as cost the city $33,761.97 in maintenance. The hauling portion of the dump truck has completed rusted out, Berger told the media outlet, and replacement is the best option. What's more, the hydraulic system must be fixed, the vehicle is burning oil rapidly and several hinges are broken. 

The second truck, a 1999 Chevrolet, has logged 78,828 miles, and cost the city $38,135.67 in maintenance. This vehicle, too, is rusted out, Berger said, and the hydraulic system "will not last long."

"These trucks are running constantly," he said.

The demand for better fleet maintenance is apparent in the solutions that have been developed to help municipalities better manage their assets. Verizon recently announced a new plan that will allow maintenance management information to travel across its wireless network, helping many implement maintenance programs to improve their bottom lines.

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