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West Virginia town focuses on municipal maintenance

West Virginia town focuses on municipal maintenance
West Virginia town focuses on municipal maintenance

At a recent Marlinton, West Virginia Town Council meeting, Mayor Joe Smith spoke on topics ranging from the turnout at the annual town Christmas parade to the hard work the Pocahontas County Parks and Recreation Department has done lately.

But the major topic of discussion, according to the Pocahontas Times, was the municipal maintenance projects that will soon begin around town, and the the town’s acceptance into the community development plan ON TRAC, which stands for Organization, Training, Revitalization and Capacity. The West Virginia Community Development Office was created in 2008 to help cities throughout the state with community improvement and development.

The first phase of community development – new garbage rates to improve service – has been well-accepted, while other maintenance projects, such as those at the Marlinton Municipal Building, are on schedule.

“When weather and manpower permit, the fire hydrants are being painted,” Smith said. “I think at this time we have all of Fourth Avenue completed, but don’t hold me to that, there may be one that’s not done yet. Ceiling tiles have been replaced in the [municipal] building. We ordered three heater motors. The back doors are being replaced today and tomorrow – the ones that were rusted through. And the sinks and toilets are fixed and running correctly.”

The town is also mulling over purchasing new land plots, and the added maintenance costs that would come along with such a purchase. Smith said one local landowner contacted him to see if the town was interested in buying a lot near Appalachian Sport, and that the town already owns land surrounding the parcel.

“He approached me to see what the feelings of the town were on buying this one acre of property that we abut to on both sides,” explained Smith. “She did not discuss cost or anything like that, she just wanted to know before she proceeds with getting the heirs to sign off on it, if the town would be interested.”

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), maintenance activities that involve construction are highly hazardous, and expose workers to falls, unguarded machinery, electrocutions and other hazards. Failure to comply with rules established by OSHA can lead to fines and costly downtime.

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