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Florida water plant takes a closer look at plant maintenance management

Florida water plant takes a closer look at plant maintenance management
Florida water plant takes a closer look at plant maintenance management

Port St. Joe, Florida, recently completed renovations on a its water plant, and to ensure it continues to operate in optimum shape, the facilities managers are looking to implement a strong plant maintenance management program to closely inspect certain areas.

According to the Florida Star, Kenny Wood, a consultant who was hired by the city to inspect its $21 million water treatment facility, said that years of problems – as well as poor training – may have led to faulty equipment. Most notably, a vertical pump was damaged, but has since been fixed.

City commissioner Larry McClamma said during a recent commissioners meeting that ongoing repairs to the facility's filtration membranes is also nearing completion. To keep these events – which led to serious asset downtime – from occurring again, the facilities maintenance managers say they plan to develop a weekly inspection protocol. This, Wood said, would ensure that "minor problems are found before they become major."

The media outlet stated that it plans to perform asset maintenance to extend the life of its equipment, which will entail performing quarterly lubrication projects and other maintenance activity. Wood plans to work with the facility's staff members to make adjustment to current maintenance plan to fix design and operational issues.

The media outlet stated that Wood plans to improve the design by addressing two issues that are only minor right now, but if they go unchecked, could develop in serious problems. These include lights that are installed 30 feet in the air without easy access and fans that are also in hard-to-reach areas, which hinder the ability to perform regular maintenance.

"Overall it is a well-designed system," Wood said of the facility. "But there are areas that need to be looked at."

By implementing a preventative maintenance strategy, the facility will increase overall productivity and drive higher profits. What's more, using a program to document all maintenance activity can expedite any inspections from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Often, these inspections, which are performed to ensure facilities have the appropriate maintenance controls in place, can lead to even more downtime if the right documents are not readily available. 

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